Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Don Quixote Complex

As Washington DC continues to play a volatile game, bringing the Federal government to a precipice and threatening the world economy, yet again,  I could not help but reflect upon the priorities we place on our belief’s.

I had always been a conservative, but the arrogance I see today makes me wonder if the right wing have lost their ever loving mind.

Is health care such a toxic issue that Republicans would play Russian roulette over it ?

And what about the Christians today.  Do they REALLY show the light of Christ with their petty churlish behavior.

I heard one Christian say that it showed lack of faith to depend upon modern medicine. Christians should trust in God.

So we should trust God to heal the sick ?  Then why do the same people want guns?

I don’t know of any nation in the western world that does not provide healthcare for it’s citizens and the USA is attracting some bad publicity – AGAIN.  The voices and outrage  cannot be denied unless we hide our heads in the sand.

Comments from around the world:
"Laws have been passed by the democratic process. A majority voted for them in the House and in the Senate & then they were signed into law by the President.
This is true for Republican laws & Democrat laws, for the last 50 years.
The laws are legitimate and REQUIRE funding. It is the job of Congress to do so. The Tea Party are refusing to do so. There should be no question where blame lies.
The concept of a debt ceiling, to limit spending on legitimate laws, is so stupid that only the USA and Denmark have one. Everyone else controls spending by considering it when they pass the laws, or by repealing laws."

"Howdy, Brits. I noticed that apparently many American right wingers are here polluting your discussion sections with their demented nonsense — I apologize for that. As a radio interviewee recently said rather succinctly, every culture has its semi-literate peasants, and in America, these are mostly right wing/Tea Party folk completely and apparently happily misinformed about everything. For instance a recent poll of Louisiana Republicans showed that 28% blame Bush for the poor performance of the U.S. government after hurricane Katrina, while 29% blame Obama, and 44% are unsure who to blame. As a refresher, hurricane Katrina occurred in late August, 2005, and Obama was sworn in as President on January 20, 2009. This might seem a bit daft, but it entirely encapsulates how American right wing thinking works.
You would think Internet access would help them to clarify facts for them, but….like a naive girl with a fatal attraction to bad, abusive guys (or “blokes” as you might call them), right wingers seem only attracted to the bad parts of the Internet where truth, facts, and honesty are abused and twisted in very unpleasant ways. So just a word of warning to the non-daft out there."
Even if you take away the logical benefits of universal health care, shutting down the government to even 80% has a huge impact  on the world economy and could seriously destabilize it, having global ramifications. And the US is being warned in no uncertain terms. But it seems that the radical right wing either cannot hear, or do not care. And that is a shocking reflection on the leadership they were elected to provide.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am almost 60 years old. In 2007, as the world was heading into the worst recession we have seen since the Great Depression, a builder embezzled all of my building fund and I was left homeless.

I know hardships. And I understand that the American Dream can be shattered from no fault of your own. At that point you need a helping hand. But helping hands, even within the Christian community, are virtually impossible to find.

Somehow the majority within the body of Christ have found themselves at a fork on the road and have left God and started to worship self interest. Oftentimes to the point of  worldly greed. I just happened across an article written by an Australian, Michael F. Bird, that was so good I wanted to share his words:
Beware of The Cult of the Individual and the Idolatry of Greed. Americans and evangelical opposition to universal healthcare has nothing to do with the Bible or Theology,  but is driven purely by a cultural and economic ideological bias; a bias (for at least a disposition} of which very few are even aware that they possess.

He is, of course, absolutely correct. But I doubt that most realize it. I

Now I think I will go and give myself 30 lashes…
From The Onion: (a satirical magazine)
Tea Party Leaders Announce Support For Deal In Exchange For Malia Obama
WASHINGTON—As the federal government shutdown stretches into its fourth day, 20 members of the Republican’s Tea Party faction announced this morning they would be willing to support a clean budget resolution bill in exchange for the president’s firstborn daughter, Malia Obama.
While members of the Republican Party’s far-right wing have heretofore been resistant to any sort of deal with the White House over the issue of Obamacare, the Tea Party caucus authored and released a short, tersely worded statement this morning in which they agreed to a swift negotiation of an unstipulated spending bill if the president were to deliver “the firstling.”
“The girl. Bring us the girl,” said Congressman Steve King (R-IA) as he stood beside fellow Tea Party leaders during this morning’s press conference on the steps of the Capitol. “The bill may pass, but the firstborn shall be ours.”

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