Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hindsight Is 20/20

About a year ago I came across a video that I half watched while distracted, and thought no more of it. I normally save video's of interest and this one was downloaded on my computer, filed away, forgotten.

During the past year I have read about the arms build up,  watched the Russian version of our State of the Union address to their nation pertaining to the arms build up. I watched Australia sign treaty.. and we all watched Anglo-US presence intensify.

Yesterday I decided to watch it again, for no other reason than to verify if I wanted to keep it or save it.

Of course, we have now experienced all of the above combined with the "trigger happy" US reaction to Libya and the Arab Spring uprising. More ominously, to Syria.

I suddenly starting hearing with fresher ears and seeing with clearer vision.

I ask watchers to listen carefully to the language and terms used.

My sincere forewarning:  This video was produced by Lyndon  LaRouche who certainly has a questionable history.  But his involvement and knowledge of foreign affairs and international politics cannot be disputed.  I have spent 4 years closely watching the Middle East, Russia and China, and because of that the contents of this video hit's home.

From Wikipedia:

Iqbal Qazwini wrote in the Arabic-language daily Asharq Al-Awsat in 2003 that LaRouche was one of the first to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1988 and German unification. He said LaRouche had urged the West to pursue a policy of economic cooperation similar to the Marshall Plan for the advancement of the economy of the socialist countries. According to Qazwini, recent years have seen a proliferation of LaRouche's ideas in China and South Asia. Qazwini referred to him as the spiritual father of the revival of the new Silk Road or Eurasian Landbridge, which aims to link the continents through a network of ground transportation.
In April 2005, Tang Yong of the People's Daily of China covered LaRouche's record of economic forecasting, and his warning that the present financial and currency system was already unsalvageable, thus it must be radically restructured, not just merely reformed. Later that year, the paper published an eight-part interview with LaRouche, covering his economic forecasts, his battles with the American media, and his assessment of the neoconservatives. The interviewer wrote that LaRouche was "quite famous in mainland China today," and seemed to be better known overseas than in America.

It's my hope that readers will research and form their own conclusions, to ensure that they do not get blindsided, with much more than 30 lashes.

Dear Citizen,

That time has come, where our allegiances must now fall upon the future of our nation, and not along political party lines.

LaRouchePAC is calling for patriots to end party politics now. Ensuring Obama is not our next president, by constitutional means, is the basis of a new, true non-partisan leadership of the nation.

We must hold Obama accountable for his violations of national and international law, with the aim of removing him from office: the only way to end his desire for war with China and Russia. Don’t wait for Obama to prove that he is capable of launching World War 3.

By now we hope you've already seen our new feature video, Unsurvivable, where we clearly outline the consequences and outcomes of a nuclear armed World War 3.

But, what we need most importantly is the support of powerful people and institutions, and to reach a larger audience.

A victory for all humanity, is won by the courage of a few.

Thank you, Editorial Team

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